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August 8, 2006 - New Surnames Added

July 16, 2006 - New Biography Added

July 16, 2006 - Surname Page Updated

June 21, 2006 - 1 New Obituary Added

June 2, 2006 - 1 New Obituary Added

May 25, 2006 - 2 New Obituaries Added

May 25, 2006 - 1 New Photo Added

March 31, 2006 - 3 New Obituaries Added

March 31 2006 - 2 New Surnames Added

March 5, 2006 - New Link Added

January 24, 2006-Link to McLean County Genealogical Society Added

January 13, 2006-Website Design and Organization Updates

Past Updates


Arledge, David

Arledge, Melissa (Van Matre) (Howe)

Aspinwall, Opal M. (Miller)

Baker, Alvina (Entmeier)

Baker, Annie (Dommel)

Baker, Bert G

Baker, Charles

Baker, Elmus

Baker, Frederick

Baker, Frederick (same as previous)

Baker, Ida M

Baker, Iznz (Parsons) (McKnight)

Baker, Jane

Baker, John

Baker, John

Baker, John H.

Bardell, Edward A.

Bardell, Michael

Bardell, Mrs. Michael

Bell, Jane (Young)

Bender, Jac.

Bender, Mary (Brandt)

Bobb, Reuben Peter

Boos, Cora (Bunker)

Brandt, Sarah (Metz)(Cole)

Brant, Sarah Crouch/Crouse

Brinkmeier, Lloyd Richard

Brinkmeier, Simon D.

Brown, Joseph Frank

Brown, Josephine (Faist)

Bruengger, Amelia (Bueker)

Bunker, Fred W.

Bullock, Ester L. (Hayes) (Gould)

Buonini, Louis

Clark, Lewis E.

Cole, Floyd S.

Cole, John

Cole, Royal

Dame, Almeda (Stoel)

Dame, Joseph Addison

Daughenbaugh, Mary (Monsell)

Davis, Hannah (Deibler)

Daws, George

Daws, Lucy Ann (Reber)

Dreyer, E.W.R.

Dreyer, Mary M. (Clair)

Dunn, John

Eaton, George W.

Eisenhower, infant child (of Johnathan)

Eisenhower, Jacob

Eisenhower, Jonathan Franklin

Eisenhower, Sarah Rebecca (Confer)

Fager, Frank

Folgate, Raymond L.

Fry, Moses

Fryer, Catherine

Gilbert, Elizabeth (Siglin)

Gilbert, Frederick

Gilbert, Henry

Gilbert, James

Goodrich, Hiram

Grace, Mrs. Margaret

Hahn, Henry C., 1872 - 1942

Harrison, Ardell (Young)

Hart, Elizabeth (Gatliff)

Hart, James

Hartman, John

Hartman, Mary Etta (Baker)

Harnish, Hazel Mae

Hartsough, John J

Hartsough, Mary M (Robey)

Hathaway, Margaret (Wootan)

Hays, Margaret (Young)

Hoefer, Beatrice (Griffen)

Hoefer, John A.

Holsinger, Amelia

Howard, Malinda Kelley

Howard, Ward B.

Jacobs, Katherine (Schauer)

Jacobson, Gladys (Hoefer)

Jensen, J.C.

Johnson, Dora (Brinkmeier)

Kappas, Charles

Kappas, Karl F.

Keehn, Lena (Keehn) 1874 - 1936

Keiser, Mary J. (Collius)

Kelley, Malinda R.

Kelly, Leo D.

Kencke, Martha, Mrs.

Kencke, Rudolph

Kenyon, Alvira (Guild)

Kenyon, Laura Ann

Kenyon, Perry

Kerch, Anna (Schauer)

Kerch, Homer O

Knickelbein/Knickerbine, Fredricka

Knickelbein/Knickerbine, John

Leckington, Rudolph

Lee, Mrs. Wm - Mary Ellen 'Marie' (Pierce)

Ludolph, Carl

Ludolph, Carl H.

Ludolph, Florence

Ludolph, Harold

Ludolph, Robert F.

Ludolph, Woodrow F.

Mellenberndt, Clarence

Miller, Polly (Salesbury)

Moore, Sarah E 'Sadie' (Young)

Morrison, Mary (Bush)

Murphy, Wm

Musselman, Christian A.

Nuss, Emma (Daws)

Nuss, John Mahlon

Nuss, Leanna (Andres)

Osborn, Ida Alice (Moss) 1868-1939

Osborn, John W 1854-1931

Pickle, Peter

Reisinger, Jacob S

Rice, France 'Evaline' (Prince)

Riddle, Etta L (Woods) 1884 - 1932

Riddle, William B 1869 - 1929

Robey, Almira (Waite)

Robey, Amanda (McDonald)

Robey, Amy

Robey, Levi

Robey, Levi Woodbury

Robey, Sarah E (Young)

Robey, W. A.

Russell, Mary (Schauer)

Schauer, Albert C.

Schauer, Charles F.

Schauer, Regina (Schlamp)

Schlamp, Louis

Schmitt, Conrad

Schmitt, Crescenz (Balluff)

Servatius, Richard

Shippy, Dale Douglas

Shirk, Dr. John Jacob

Shirk, Mrs. John J - Phoebe Ann (Stocks)

Shirk, Thomas

Shull, Mrs. Jesse

Simler, George

Smith, Samuel

Smull, Hattie (Lapp)

Smull, Mabel Viola (Eisenhauer)

Smull, Roy Raymond

Smull, William H.

Soladay, Francis L.

Sprattler, Henry

Sprattler, Mrs. Henry

Steffen, Erma

Sturtevant, John H.

Sturtevant, Matie (Brinkmeier)

Sturtevant, Melvin I.

Sturtevant, Ray Edward

Sueltman, Ernest

Sullivan, Patrick LeRoy

Sparks, Sylvia Suzanna

Thompson, D. F.; 1850-1923

Van Matre, Samantha J. Arledge

Van Matre, Joseph W.

White, Lester B.

Whitman, H. J.

Wilhelm, George

Wilsey, Orr

Wolf, Sadie

Yeager, Mrs. Barbara S.

Young, Almira V.

Young, Mrs. Cora M.

Young, Louisa E. Robey

Young, Robert

Young, William Wilson

Zerby, Katherine Herbert Confer


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